In September 2020, Malaysia sent 6 brilliant students to participate in the IMO2020. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the competition was held virtually from each teams’ home country. The Malaysian team convened at Tenera Hotel, Bangi for two days to sit for the exams. Our national heroes did our country proud by winning the fourth Gold medal in history, along with 2 Silver medals, 2 Bronze medals, and one Honourable Mention. The team consists of:

  • TAN LI XUAN (Silver)
  • VEE HUA ZHI (Honourable Mention)
  • WAN ZHIYANG (Bronze)
  • WONG JER REN (Silver)
  • YEOH ZI SONG (Gold)

The team was also joined by Ivan Chan Kai Chin and Loke Zhi Kin as Observers A, and Jonathan Ramachandran and Syamil Ahmad Shakir as Observers C. Congratulations to our team!

2 thoughts on “IMO2020 RESULTS

  1. Great to hear the success of our fellow Malaysians…

    I understand that participation is by invitation only… Can I understand the whole process/test in order to qualify for the invitation?

    My daughter is in Primary 3 and she is able to do for now Sec 1 SG Mathematics for the Special/Express students and she is moving into higher/difficult questions… I would like to understand the process so that I can enrol her…


    1. The first stage for the selection is IMONST1, everyone can enter. However, only the medalists will be called back for the next stage, which is IMONST2. After IMONST2, there are several training camps as well as tests, which are called BIMO. Along the way, the students will participate in APMO and TOT, before the final 6 is chosen for the IMO.


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