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International Mathematical Olympiad National Selection Test, or IMONST, is a mathematical competition that is endorsed by the Ministry of Education as a pathway to select top students to represent Malaysia in International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

IMONST is an open competition where students from all over Malaysia are invited to join, as they are exposed to challenging problems that require creative and mathematical thinking in order for them to be able to solve them.

IMONST 2021 is the second year of IMONST, with the first IMONST receiving a warm reception from teachers, parents, and students from all corners of Malaysia. We hope to provide a competition that is not only challenging, but is also memorable and will instill a healthy mathematical culture among the participants. We are committed to provide contents that will be helpful not only for the students, but will also be beneficial for parents and teachers.

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Key Dates

Registration opens for IMONST 115 May 2021
Registration closes for IMONST 15 August 2021
IMONST114-16 August 2021
IMONST218 September 2021

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Everyone is welcome to participate in IMONST 1, subject to eligibility. These are the categories:

JuniorForm 1 to Form 3
SeniorForm 4 to Form 6, and pre-university

For IMONST, eligible participants with these criteria will be invited:

  • Must be a Malaysian citizen;
  • Must be attending school in Malaysia;
  • Must be, at the time of IMO 2022, under 20 years old and not a university student.

* We recommend age 11 and above, though some of the very good younger students would be able to answer the sample IMONST paper. We suggest you look at the sample paper to gauge the level of difficulty of this competition and the suitability of your students/children.

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Registration will be open by 15 July 2021, and it can be done through Contesthub. There are two types of registrations:

  • Individual registration (Preferred): Registration and payment to be done individually. Login info will be given to participant directly.
  • Multiple registration: Registration and payment to be done by an assigned teacher/person (under individual registration but multiple participants can be registered via one registration account). Login info will be provided to the teacher/person, who will distribute them to each participant.

We will provide the user’s manual guide for registration to ensure that the registration process will be smooth for the participants.

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The registration fee is RM30 per participant.

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Competition Procedure (IMONST 1)

To be updated.

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Since IMONST is an online competition, students need an internet connection and a device (preferably a desktop or laptop computer, but phones and tablets can be used as well). Please make sure your internet connection is stable, otherwise you will lose time if your internet is interrupted.

At a minimum, prepare a pen and paper to do your calculations. All IMONST problems can be solved without a calculator.

You are allowed to refer to any book or any website and use a calculator. IMONST is an open-book competition.

IMPORTANT: You must sit for the competition alone, without the help of another person. If there is any evidence of collaboration or assistance from other people, you will be disqualified and blacklisted from all future IMONST (and a report will be made to the Ministry of Education).

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Format of IMONST 1
  • Time: 2.5 hours.
  • You may start at any time within the designated period on the competition dates.
  • The participants in the Primary, Junior, and Senior categories will receive different papers and the rankings are done separately for all categories.
  • There are 20 problems in total. There will be Malay and English versions of the problem.
  • The problems are divided into 4 parts, in increasing order of difficulty:
Part# of problems# of points for each problem
  • For each problem you have to submit the answer only. The answer to each problem is a non-negative integer.
  • No mark is deducted for a wrong answer.
  • The maximum number of points is (1 + 2 + 3 + 4) x 5 = 50 points.
Format of IMONST 2
  • Time: 4.5 hours.
  • There are 6 problems, each worth 7 points. There will be Malay and English versions of the problem.
  • To get full points for each problem, you have to write a complete solution, with the correct mathematical reasoning. You can either write the solution in Malay or English.
  • A suggested reading assignment will be distributed to all participants 3 weeks before the competition.

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Syllabus and Sample Problems

IMONST covers various topics, including but not limited to:

  • Number Theory: Properties of Integers, Primes, Divisibility, Modulo Arithmetic.
  • Algebra: Algebraic Expressions, Factorization, Equations, Polynomials, Inequalities, Sequences, Functions.
  • Combinatorics (Counting): Basic Counting, Pigeonhole Principle, Permutations and Combinations.
  • Geometry: Measurements (Angles, Lengths, Areas, Volumes), Circles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, Similar Figures, Geometric Transformation.
Reading Materials

There are many books, videos, and websites that you may use for IMONST preparation.

For newcomers, we recommend these texts as reference:

Both of these texts are available online, freely and legally.

Sample Problems

You may download the sample paper below. The sample paper contains typical mathematics olympiad problems, and have similar level of difficulty with the actual IMONST paper.

IMONST 1 Sample Paper 1

IMONST 1 Sample Paper 2

IMONST 1 Sample Paper 3

IMONST 1 Sample Paper 1 (with Answers)

IMONST 1 Sample Paper 2 (with Answers)

IMONST 1 Sample Paper 3 (with Answers)

IMONST 1 2020 Questions (with Answers)

IMONST 1 2021 Questions (with Answers)

Visit the IMO Malaysia Facebook page for videos discussing the problems from the sample paper.

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Results & Certificates

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards will be given to top scorers in each category. The awards are symbolic (not an actual medal).

After the result is announced, you will receive an electronic certificate and a personalized score report. The score report contains detailed results and analysis on your performance relative to other contestants.

List of Awards

The table below shows the award given based on participant’s score:

Honorable Mention 20-29
Selection for IMONST 2

Selection for IMONST 2 are based on the IMONST 1 scores.

All medalists from IMONST 1 will be selected for IMONST2, from all the categories (Primary, Junior, and Senior).

Although the IMO requires a high level of mathematical maturity, the Malaysian IMO training program puts a lot of focus on training younger students, who will have more years to prepare for the IMO in the future (the youngest IMO participant from Malaysia was 12 years old).

Our commitment to inclusiveness: To promote diversity in the IMO program, 10% of the slots in IMONST2 are reserved for students who do well in IMONST1, and belong to a historically underrepresented demographic (e.g., gender, socioeconomic background, geographical area) in the IMO training program.

What’s Next

The top winners of IMONST2 will be invited for the IMO 2022 training program. The IMO training program takes place from December 2021 to July 2022 and consists of:

  • online and offline workshops;
  • homework assignments;
  • participation in several international mathematical competitions.

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For top winners:
  • You will get an opportunity to attend the Malaysian IMO training program
  • You will have a chance to represent Malaysia in genuine, credible international mathematics competitions, including the IMO. Many former IMO participants from Malaysia went on to study at the world’s top universities.
For students and teachers:
  • Certification is an important part of a co-curricular activities such as IMONST. Hence, every participant will receive an electronic certificate.
  • The IMONST certificate is highly valuable, as it is a national level event involving the top mathematical talents in the country.
  • Students can receive PAJSK (official co-curricular) marks.
  • Students can apply their knowledge of mathematical theories and skills to solve interesting problems, and assess their performance relative to their peers in the country.

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Q: What level is the PAJSK (co-curricular) score that students can get by taking part in IMONST?

A: IMONST1 is considered a school level since it is an open competition. However, IMONST2 is counted as a national level as it involves top selected students from the whole country.

Q: The IMONST sample problems are too difficult for primary students.

A: That is generally correct. However there are very talented primary school students (especially those with some math competition background) who would be able to do well. We’d like to give them the opportunity to join the IMO program, and hopefully join the IMO in future years.

Q: I am a non-citizen / non-resident of Malaysia. Am I eligible for IMONST?

A: You are not be eligible for IMONST since it is meant for the Malaysian team selection for IMO.

Q: I want to participate but I cannot afford the fees.

A: We allow fee waiver for students who have difficulty paying the fees. Please send us a request letter, and attach a supporting statement signed by your school principal / headmaster or equivalent authorities.

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You can also join the IMONST Official Group on Telegram for questions.

Alternatively, email us at

For information and updates, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

To speak or message with our customer service representatives, please do contact them at:

011-14672812 or 011-28558543 (Mr. Zafree)

010-2224437 (Ms. Rafiqah)

019-5915828 (Ms. Izlyn)

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