IMONST 2021 Medallists

The results for IMONST 2021 have been announced last week. Congratulations to all for your results. For those who have not found out their results, you can go to Contesthub and login using your registered email to download your results slip and certificate.

The medallists (gold, silver, and bronze medallists) are automatically invited to IMONST2 which will be held on the 18th of September. All you need to do is to confirm your participation in the IMONST2 section in this webpage. Here is the list of medallists:

IMO2021 Results

On 14-24th of July 2021, our country has participated in the 62nd IMO. The selection process for the participants began with IMONST 2020, followed by IMONST2 and a series of tests and camps. The following final 6 participants were then honoured as the representatives for our country:

As last year, the IMO this year was fully done online. It was a challenge on our team as well as their family, the team leader, and the commissioner to make sure that the contest was run as smoothly as possible. Thankfully, the competition went exceedingly well and our country won 2 Silver medals and 3 Honourable Mentions. The results for our country can be seen here.

We would like to congratulate our national team at the IMO for their results this year!

Join IMONST 2021 for a chance to represent the country next year at the IMO2021. We hope to see you in Oslo, Norway!


In September 2020, Malaysia sent 6 brilliant students to participate in the IMO2020. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the competition was held virtually from each teams’ home country. The Malaysian team convened at Tenera Hotel, Bangi for two days to sit for the exams. Our national heroes did our country proud by winning the fourth Gold medal in history, along with 2 Silver medals, 2 Bronze medals, and one Honourable Mention. The team consists of:

  • TAN LI XUAN (Silver)
  • VEE HUA ZHI (Honourable Mention)
  • WAN ZHIYANG (Bronze)
  • WONG JER REN (Silver)
  • YEOH ZI SONG (Gold)

The team was also joined by Ivan Chan Kai Chin and Loke Zhi Kin as Observers A, and Jonathan Ramachandran and Syamil Ahmad Shakir as Observers C. Congratulations to our team!

International Tournament of Towns (Spring 2020) Results

In April 2020, Kuala Lumpur has sent five participants to represent the city Kuala Lumpur at the International Mathematical Tournament of Towns (ToT) 2019/2020. These five participants sat for a total of 7 papers in the ToT spread amongst them. The contestants and the papers that they sat for are:

  • VEE HUA ZHI (Spring A-Level)
  • WONG JER REN (Spring O-Level)
  • TAN LI XUAN (Spring O-Level and Spring A-Level)
  • YEOH ZI SONG (Spring O-Level and Spring A-Level)

It is with our great pleasure that four of them was awarded the Winner’s Diploma for scoring more than 12 points in their papers. In particular, we would like to congratulate IAN GEORGE TAYE CHENG EAN for scoring an almost perfect score in the Spring A-Level paper. Congratulations to all!

The International Mathematical Tournament of Towns is an bi-annual mathematical competition. The Tourna­ment is orga­nized by lo­cal commi­ttees in more than 100 cities of more than 25 cou­ntries of around theglobe. Stude­nts with outst­anding results rec­eive an invita­tion to the ann­ual Summer Conferen­ce of the Tou­rnam­ent of Towns.

For more information on the ToT, please visit their website:

Cyberspace Mathematical Competition 2020 Results

The Cyberspace Mathematical Competition (CMC) 2020 this year has been concluded. A total of 550 participants from 77 countries took part in the competition. The closing ceremony video can be viewed on YouTube here.

For this contest, 8 candidates represented Malaysia. Malaysia bagged 1 Silver medal, 4 Bronze medals, and 1 Honourable Mention. Congratulations to all the winners!

Cyberspace Mathematical Competition 2020

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the International Mathematical Olympiad which was supposed to take place in St. Petersburg, Russia has been moved online. This is the first time that the IMO will be held online outside the host country. This opens up a new vista of mathematical competitions, which are not bound by geographical limitations.

Thus, the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) and Art of Problem Solving initiated the Cyberspace Mathematical Competition (CMC). This wholly online competition will run on the 13th and the 14th of July. The competition will consist of two 5-hour exams, containing 4 questions each, over the two days.

For the first ever CMC, the Malaysian team, led by M. Suhaimi Ramly, comprised of:

  • Tristan Chaang Tze Shen
  • Lee Cihui
  • Tan Ling
  • Tan Li Xuan
  • Vee Hua Zhi
  • Wan Zhiyang
  • Wong Jer Ren
  • Yeoh Zi Song

We wish all the best to the contestants!