Cyberspace Mathematical Competition 2020

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the International Mathematical Olympiad which was supposed to take place in St. Petersburg, Russia has been moved online. This is the first time that the IMO will be held online outside the host country. This opens up a new vista of mathematical competitions, which are not bound by geographical limitations.

Thus, the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) and Art of Problem Solving initiated the Cyberspace Mathematical Competition (CMC). This wholly online competition will run on the 13th and the 14th of July. The competition will consist of two 5-hour exams, containing 4 questions each, over the two days.

For the first ever CMC, the Malaysian team, led by M. Suhaimi Ramly, comprised of:

  • Tristan Chaang Tze Shen
  • Lee Cihui
  • Tan Ling
  • Tan Li Xuan
  • Vee Hua Zhi
  • Wan Zhiyang
  • Wong Jer Ren
  • Yeoh Zi Song

We wish all the best to the contestants!

3 thoughts on “Cyberspace Mathematical Competition 2020

    1. Hi Jason, thanks for your interest. The CMC is an invitation-only event and there is a limit of 8 students per country, so we nominate top students in the IMO training camp to participate. In any case, we do not know whether CMC will be organized again next year (we do hope so).


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