International Tournament of Towns (Spring 2020) Results

In April 2020, Kuala Lumpur has sent five participants to represent the city Kuala Lumpur at the International Mathematical Tournament of Towns (ToT) 2019/2020. These five participants sat for a total of 7 papers in the ToT spread amongst them. The contestants and the papers that they sat for are:

  • VEE HUA ZHI (Spring A-Level)
  • WONG JER REN (Spring O-Level)
  • TAN LI XUAN (Spring O-Level and Spring A-Level)
  • YEOH ZI SONG (Spring O-Level and Spring A-Level)

It is with our great pleasure that four of them was awarded the Winner’s Diploma for scoring more than 12 points in their papers. In particular, we would like to congratulate IAN GEORGE TAYE CHENG EAN for scoring an almost perfect score in the Spring A-Level paper. Congratulations to all!

The International Mathematical Tournament of Towns is an bi-annual mathematical competition. The Tourna­ment is orga­nized by lo­cal commi­ttees in more than 100 cities of more than 25 cou­ntries of around theglobe. Stude­nts with outst­anding results rec­eive an invita­tion to the ann­ual Summer Conferen­ce of the Tou­rnam­ent of Towns.

For more information on the ToT, please visit their website:

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