We have emailed the results for IMONST2 to the participants on 6th November 2020. Please check your registered email for the result. The participants will receive a decision on whether they are eligible to the next round. The certificates will be emailed to the participants by 18th November.

All Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners in IMONST 1 (those scoring at least 40/50 or 80%) are invited to take part in IMONST 2, that will take place on Saturday, 17 October 2020. Since IMONST 2 is a selection round for the Malaysia IMO team, only Malaysian citizen who will be under 20 years old next year will be invited.

Please refer to the IMONST 1 results to check if you qualify.

What to do now?

IMPORTANT! If you qualify:

  1. Please read this page carefully, from beginning to end. This page explains the whole process of IMONST 2.
  2. Please fill in the IMONST 2 Registration Form.
    Registration must be done individually, preferably by the participants themselves (not by a teacher). Please register by 9 October 2020.

Details of IMONST 2

Date: Saturday, 17 October 2020.

Contest Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm (5 hours).
Participants are allowed 1 hour, until 4.00pm, to upload their scripts. Late submissions are not accepted.

Venue: Participants can sit for the test at any venue.

Equipment: The minimum needed are papers, writing tools and geometric tools.

Webpage: The contest webpage can be reached here.


  • The IMONST 2 paper contains 6 essay-type problems, similar to the IMO (but much easier :)).
  • There are different papers for Primary, Junior & Senior.
  • Each problem is worth 7 points each. Integer partial scores are possible.
  • The problem sheet will be uploaded (as a PDF) on a password-protected page, 10 minutes before the contest starts. Each participant will receive the URL & password by WhatsApp/email before the contest date.
  • Participants write their solutions on blank A4 papers. After the contest ends at 3.00pm, they must scan their solutions (using a scanner or a scanning app on the phone, e.g., Adobe Scan) and submit it through a Google Form (URL will be given in the problem sheet) before 4.00pm.
  • Please use your own handwriting to write the solutions. Do not type your solution on a computer.

Technical requirements:

  • Compulsory: Internet connection (for downloading the problem sheet, and uploading the script).
  • Compulsory: Scanner (for scanning the script) or a scanning app. We recommend Adobe Scan which is free and easy to use. How to use Adobe Scan:
  • Optional: Printer (to print the problem sheet).

Honor Code: Participants must do all the work themselves without any help from others. Please be warned that it is easy to catch students cheating or copying other’s work in an essay-type format — do not even think of doing it.

Awards: There is no award for IMONST 2, although all participants will receive an e-certificate. The top scorers will qualify for Bengkel IMO (see below).

Special Request: We will not accommodate any request for postponement if IMONST clashes with another activity, whether organized by your school or otherwise.

The only exception is an academic examination (school or national) that cannot be rescheduled. In this case, it is possible to grant a few hours of postponement, but the scripts must be submitted on the same day. Please contact us at with your request.


To prepare the contestants for the competition, we have compiled a reading material for the competition. The reading material can be downloaded here:

For further material, we recommend these notes to prepare for IMONST 2:

Of course, you may prepare using whatever texts you’re familiar with (there are literally hundreds of online resources for various math olympiad topics).

However, at least 3 of the problems in IMONST 2 will be solvable by the materials covered in the three notes mentioned above.

What’s Next?

The top 60 students (from all categories) from IMONST 2 will be shortlisted for Bengkel IMO 2021. This is a rigorous program involving lectures, problem solving sessions, homework assignments, and participation in various international competitions (organized by genuine, respectable organizations).

We have not fixed a date for Bengkel IMO yet, but the first camp usually takes place in December. If it is not possible to conduct a centralized camp (due to COVID-19 regulations), an online program will be organized in its place.

Any question? Please contact us at

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