IMO2021 Results

On 14-24th of July 2021, our country has participated in the 62nd IMO. The selection process for the participants began with IMONST 2020, followed by IMONST2 and a series of tests and camps. The following final 6 participants were then honoured as the representatives for our country:

As last year, the IMO this year was fully done online. It was a challenge on our team as well as their family, the team leader, and the commissioner to make sure that the contest was run as smoothly as possible. Thankfully, the competition went exceedingly well and our country won 2 Silver medals and 3 Honourable Mentions. The results for our country can be seen here.

We would like to congratulate our national team at the IMO for their results this year!

Join IMONST 2021 for a chance to represent the country next year at the IMO2021. We hope to see you in Oslo, Norway!

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